How To Have A Good Conversation - The Art Of Speaking

Being a good conversationalist is something that every person can achieve. It does take effort and practice but as long as one is motivation, everything will be worth the cause. Here are some of the helpful ways on how you can carry out a good conversation with anyone.

Confidence is your weapon. A lot of people are struggling with having conversations because they are too shy to face other people. The first thing that you need to do is to build your self-esteem. You should be confident enough to face people and maintain eye contact with them. When you are confident, people around you will feel that you are easy and fun to talk with. Some experts also say that confidence is contagious.
People will likely become glad being with you if you are comfortable with yourself.

Research is your backup. It is better to get information about the person you are going to talk with. This will help you converse better as you already have topics to talk about. If you can, find topics that both of you are interested in. You can try asking about the other person's hobbies but do not try too much to understand everything as this may inconvenience both of you. It is always better to talk about things that both of you can relate with than trying to push yourself in trying to be interested in something that you really are not.

Curiosity will keep the conversation going. Never be afraid to ask questions. As long as they are not personal and below the belt, the questions will help you make the conversation lively. Try to get the other party to tell stories of his or her experiences. Showing other people who you are interested in what they want to share will make them feel more comfortable talking with you.

Good listening skills will maintain a good mutual relationship. A good conversation is always two-way. You cannot always be the one talking always. You need to let other people talk. Sometimes, it takes good listening skills to really say that you are a good conversationalist. Listen to what the other people have to say and comment on their words. This way, you can really show them that your ears are for them at that very time. You can also show that you are eagerly listening by nodding or by saying "yes" while the other person is making his point.

Sensitivity will help you become better. It is very important to become sensitive at all times. You should be able to read the air in order to determine which comments are okay to say and which are not. This also holds true when you are trying to crack jokes. More importantly, you need to be able to sense when the conversation has to end. Some people may just be too shy to tell you that they want to end the talk because they have more important things to do. Be courteous enough in order for both of you to have a pleasant goodbye note for each other.