Write A Story Using Your Crazy Thoughts

Write a story: How often do we read a novel or play and wonder how on earth the author came up with the storyline and where did the original idea come from? When writing many authors include snippets of their lives and experiences. How would we know if they did? What is fact and what is fiction? If only we knew the truth it would probably make a more interesting story than the one the author has written.

Even lesser known authors often take their own experiences and build on them. Giving them an extra twist or adding the macabre to make the tale more interesting. We all have tales to tell, but sadly many are lost. Take the many heroes of the last world war where it was not considered anything out of the ordinary to save a persons life or commit an act of bravery. What stories have been lost and will never be told.

The budding author always wants to know what he or she should write about. The answer is always to write about what you know. Take a simple experience, like walking the dog. How could you turn that into a story?

Take a scenario of you walking the dog along a country lane. You have done the same walk for five years and nothing out of the ordinary has ever occurred, but this time everything is about to change.

In the distance walking somewhat stiffly towards you is a man in his latter years with a heavily whiskered face while holding a crooked walking stick in his left hand. What makes this man different is his companion.

Towering above his head and walking ungainly beside him is a finely feathered Ostrich. The huge bird is un-tethered and, as if attached by an invisible cord, keeps close to its master. Your four-legged friend stiffens his body and stares at the strange pair emitting a slow growl. You call your dog back and put him on a short lead. You are uncertain what to do as the pair approach.

Now within talking distance the man smiles warmly and doffs his battered straw hat and noids his head. You falter, and stutter a brief reply, as you stand almost mesmerized. The man chuckles and replaces his hat as if he understands your thoughts. He then continues along the lane beside his strange companion until they disappear into the distance. Meanwhile your dog appears uneasy; looks around him and begins to shake.

It may seem a little unusual, but it could happen and you can make the storyline continue with all sorts of twists and turns. Some famous novels have begun with a brief encounter between two complete strangers.

Many people who need to write struggle to find a subject, but that is because they are thinking too much and not putting pen to paper. The mere act of beginning a story or tale about any subject will lead you on a road of discovery.

So begin at the beginning throw your pen at the paper and continue from there.